These days the fright of Harry and Meghan is exaggeratedly compared to the 1936 abdication of Edward VIII by Wallis Simpson . That was an earthquake that upset the line of succession to the throne, something that is not in question now. Elizabeth II’s own wedding raised tensions as she chose someone too close to Hitler’s Germany as her husband.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sisters were married to high-ranking Nazi officials. 25 years ago, the adultery revelations of Diana of Wales and the volcanic popular reaction after her death put the Windsors on the ropes. The British questioned the reaction of Queen Elizabeth II and the reputation of thePrince Charles , whose popularity has never been excessive, was destroyed.

The last decade had passed in relative calm. Guillermo and Catalina have turned out to be a very boring couple, who have adapted to the demands of the institution and the slogan of washing dirty laundry at home.

The scandal returned with Prince Andrew’s failed interview with the BBC, about his relationship with American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Who has had a reputation as a playboy since his college years, when he befriended Ghislaine Maxwell – accused in the trafficking network of underage girls denies having had sexual relations with one of the minors in the case. The FBI is still trying to question Elizabeth II’s son , that he has been removed from all official duties of the royal family.

Despite the crises, the British monarchy has maintained popularity decade after decade thanks to the figure of the queen. However, when it disappears, it is to be expected that things will be very different.

The institution’s anachronism will be debated more vigorously, just as it is being questioned in other countries. Looking to the near future, not knowing, or unwilling, to find a place in the royal family for Meghan may have been a missed opportunity.

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