Polls have shown that in the first group are the majority of Americans and many of the young people in the UK. In the second, the British of a certain age, nostalgic for the past, clinging to the immovable example of a sovereign who has already turned 94 and has been on the throne for 70 years.

In America they have praised Meghan, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and even President Joe Biden . The issues the Duchess alluded to transcend her personal experience and trauma, real or feigned.

The British weekly ‘The Economist’ points out that perhaps the most damaged by the interview is not the monarchy but “the British reputation of a liberal society, tolerant of racial diversity.”

The accusations come at a time of confrontation in the UK, with the critical review of the imperial past or the relationship of great historical figures with slavery. Statues have been demolished in recent years and the colonial origin of antiques kept in museums is questioned .

British historian Simon Schama , a professor at Columbia University, believes that “it is all a matter of identity crisis.” Schama has spoken in the ‘New Yorker’ of the polarization suffered with Brexit and how the unity of the United Kingdom is threatened by the possibility of an independence referendum in Scotland.

“There is a kind of national neurosis, which would normally appease the monarchy. But the monarchy is trapped, trying to do two contradictory things says Schama. To calm a national crisis it must be a timeless institution, but for young British people in particular it must be an institution of our time. ”

In an Opinium poll published by the Sunday ‘The Observer’, 46% of those consulted believe that the royal family has been racist “in recent years.” The majority, 55%, think that the United Kingdom should remain a monarchy, but that acceptance has fallen six points since November 2019.

It must be said that there is a clear generation gap. Between the ages of 18 and 34, those in favor and against the Crown reach 37% each, while those over 65 overwhelmingly support it (72%).

Once the first avalanche of reactions to Oprah Winfrey’s ‘talk-show’ has passed , there is a consensus that – for the moment British Crown is not faltering. The institution, previously, had already saved other equal or worse ballots.

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