The placement of security cameras led to clashes between residents of the area.

There are 16 dead and more than 150 wounded in a confrontation on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan , amid a dispute over the placement of security cameras in the area, according to authorities from both countries.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan has reported that a total of 134 citizens of the country have been affected, including deaths and injuries. Among the injured, at least 25 have been transferred to hospitals for treatment, two of which are in serious condition. In addition, among those killed by the confrontation is a 13-year-old girl , the department has pointed out to the Kyrgyz news portal

After what happened, the Kyrgyz side has reinforced its military presence on the border, according to the Border Service of the Kyrgyz State National Security Committee. In addition, more than 800 people have been evacuated from the Betken and Leilek regions.

On the Tajik side, at least three people have died and another 31 have been injured, authorities in the city of Isfara have confirmed to the Russian news agency Sputnik. One of the injured is the mayor of the city, Bajovadin Bajodurzoda.

After the incident, the prime ministers of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, Ulukbek Maripov and Kokhir Rasulzada, respectively, have held a meeting to discuss the situation on the border and have agreed to establish a ceasefire in the area and the withdrawal of military forces .

The Kyrgyz authorities have said the incidents erupted after the Tajik government installed security cameras on a power pole near a water distribution point, leading to clashes between residents. Local authorities in both countries had already maintained contacts to try to resolve the dispute.

During the day, Tajikistan has accused the neighboring country of fomenting ethnic clashes in the area, before highlighting that the place where the cameras have been installed is on its territory. For his part, Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbayev has indicated that his country “does not claim foreign territories” and that “it does not intend to share its land with anyone.”

The border between the two countries has been the scene of various confrontations in recent years due to the fact that several points are not delimited, which provokes disputes between Bishkek and Dushambé regarding the control of said territories.

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