Spanish Is Reaffirmed As Preferred Language Of English High School Students Project1199. If the upward trend of recent years continues, Spanish will also become the most demanded language in Secondary exams (GCSE) in 2026.

The British Council, the United Kingdom’s organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities, has released the results of its Language Trends 2021 study, through which it offers an X-ray of teaching and learning in England, for almost 20 years.

The work shows very promising data on the spread of Spanish in the country, and it is confirmed once again as the foreign language most demanded by high school students for their university entrance exams (A Levels). The French loses, for the second consecutive year, the leadership position that it historically held for this segment.

This year’s data also reflects a doubling, since data recording began in 2005, in the number of English students who took Spanish exams in the GCSE exams, the qualification that certifies the end of compulsory secondary education in England. If the trend continues as before, the language of Cervantes will also become the most popular language for these exams in 2026.

French, for its part, continues to be the most demanded language in Primary (Key Stage 2), the first cycle of ESO (Key Stage 3) and the GCSE exams themselves, followed in second place by Spanish. German occupies the third position in all the educational cycles analyzed . Spanish Is Reaffirmed As Preferred Language Of English High School Students Project1199

The Language Trends 2021 study is prepared on the basis of surveys carried out with 1,500 teachers of public and private primary and secondary schools in England. In this year’s edition, it also reflects the impact of covid-19 on the transformation of the teaching model in these centers. Its full content can be consulted free of charge on this website .

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