To withstand the high temperatures of summer in Madrid, swimming pools become one of the great attractions. Having a pool close to home can be reflected in the price of it. Is it more expensive to live next to a swimming pool in the capital?

The CBRE Valuation & Advisory Services and Residential team has identified where the main public and private pools are located in Madrid and analyzed the price of homes between 70 m2 and 110 m2 for rent and purchase, to see if it increases in the event of having a pool compared to those without. And yes, living near a swimming pool in the capital can increase the price of the house for rent up to 25% and 49% more when buying, depending on the area.

Thus, the variation in the average rental price of a home with or without a pool reaches 25% in Chamberí or 22% in Moncloa-Aravaca and Ciudad Lineal. The lowest variation in the rental price between the homes that have a swimming pool and those that are not in Vicálvaro, 2%.

It is precisely in the Chamberí district where the house with a swimming pool is located that has a higher average rental price of 1,867.66 euros per month . On the other side of the scale, in Puente de Vallecas and for 827 euros per month is the house with a swimming pool that has a lower average price for rent.

For those who want to buy a home, the price variation with or without a pool ranges from 49% in Villaverde to 3% in Barrio de Salamanca. In addition, the CBRE Valuation & Advisory Services study highlights that there are two Madrid districts where the average property for sale without a swimming pool exceeds those that do have. Specifically, Villa de Vallecas and Zona Centro with a variation of -3% and -7%, respectively.

Again, the properties with a swimming pool that have a higher average price for sale are located in Chamberí, with an average amount of € 604,907. With a lower sale price is Villa de Vallecas, with an average amount of ?? 173,855.

Where are there more pools?
Of the 21 areas analyzed, the report includes a total of 13,681 swimming pools, of which 13,623 are private (according to Cadastre) and 58 municipal. Moncloa-Aravaca is the district of Madrid that has the largest number of private pools, with 3,215. They are followed by Hortaleza (2,894) and Fuencarral ?? El Pardo (2,435). Regarding municipal swimming pools, Moncloa ?? Aravaca once again leads the ranking, with a total of 6, followed by Fuencarral ?? El Pardo and Usera with 5 municipal swimming pools in each area.

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