Vicente Vallés’s dart to the Government for the AstraZeneca vaccine. Vicente Vallés brings to light the information that Salvador Illa did not give as minister: “For months . ”

The Ministry of Health confirmed this past Thursday that Spain will administer the AstraZeneca vaccine against the coronavirus again after ruling out its direct relationship with the thrombosis detected in patients. The news monopolized the news, including the one presented on Antena 3 by the journalist Vicente Vallés , who has dismantled the announcement made by the Government in a matter of seconds.

In particular, Vallés has criticized that, unlike other European countries that have started immediately, Spain does not resume vaccination with AstraZeneca until Wednesday of next week.

“France, Italy and Germany, among other European countries, are going to resume vaccination with AstraZeneca tomorrow. But Spain is going to take it calmly , very calmly. Because the initial plan of the Government, unless there are last minute changes , is that we return to vaccinate with AstraZeneca in six days, on Wednesday, and that despite the imperative need to accelerate the vaccination plan, “said Vallés.

Shortly after, Vallés stressed that “the AstraZeneca vaccine will be administered again. Now this and other vaccines need to arrive in sufficient quantities to speed up the vaccination process , which is still too slow,” he said.

The Health announcement came after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) ruled that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and has no relation to the cases of thromboembolism detected after its inoculation.

As Minister Carolina Darias explained then, the reason why it will wait until Wednesday to resume vaccination is because this weekend the Vaccine Conference, the Public Health Commission and different scientific societies will meet to decide in which groups are resumes vaccination.

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