the sun was shining brightly over Windsor From very early on, the police had cut off traffic on the streets and thousands of people were stationed on the sidewalks to watch the bride and groom go by.

Harry and Meghan Markle received a standing ovation as the newlyweds drove through the crowd in a horse-drawn carriage. A perfect royal wedding.

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“The day the monarchy embraces the multicultural future of Great Britain,” proclaimed the ‘Daily Mail’, which rang the bells to the flight. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex “truly reflect modern Britain.”

“Biracial people,” the ultra-conservative tabloid continued, “are the fastest growing ethnic group in the country, but they can sometimes feel marginalized and misunderstood.

Having someone like Meghan talking about these issues may be what it takes.” Surely it was necessary, but when finally Meghan has spoken of “those matters”, the last thing she has received from the royal family or from the press such as the ‘Mail’ are congratulations and messages of thanks.

The brutality and speed of the break between the Sussexes with the monarchical institution has been a reflection of the times.

The interpretation of Oprah Winfrey’s interview has shown the generation gap when it comes to assessing what was said in it. A “so it is, if you think so”, because each one has drawn the conclusions they wanted.

The defenders of the couple have confirmed suspicions of racism, misunderstanding of mental health problems and the inability of the British monarchy to welcome new arrivals to ‘The Firm’, as happened with Princess Diana .

But those who were suspicious of the premeditated intentions of a minor American television star have also felt validated; a careerist, they thought, and they have not credited her accusations of racism and psychological abuse against the royal family.

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