More than the result, which is also the way that Barça played, which apart from translating into a magnificent game also translated into overwhelming results. Since Guardiola’s Barça I have consumed a little more football, because that Barça was more like basketball.

Johan Cruyff’s first classic, the 0-5 at the Santiago Bernabéu. I stay with that game because of the change it meant after many years in which it cost a lot. For those of us who were Barça members at that time it was a very special match, because it was almost the first joy after many years of disappointment. And, beyond that, it was a technically spectacular game.

The most brutal experience was undoubtedly 2-6 in Madrid. At that time I was on the board of directors of Barça and I remember how Vicente Boluda, who was then the Madrid president, left us an immense room so that we could celebrate it at ease, with cava and everything. That game was a real madness: I especially remember that connection between Xavi and Puyol and also the goals of Messi and Piqué.

It is the Classic that I have experienced with more intensity since 0-5 of February 17, 1974, a game of which I have a bittersweet memory. My father, who had died at only 57 years old, had just died, just the day Cruyff scored the goal of the ‘flying Dutchman’.

I was in prison and they let me go to the funeral. Not even two months had passed when we achieved the 0-5 and I remember the joy for it, for winning a League 13 years later, but also crying a lot thinking that my father had not been able to see it. It is something that until today I persecute.

The classics I remember almost all of them with great affection, both the won and the lost. In Madrid I had several friends, such as Juanito, Míchel, Butragueño, although when we faced each other it was tremendous. Juanito was a great person even though he was a very uncomfortable opponent.

Even though we made cakes many times, I was very fond of him. Of all the classics I remember with special affection the one from the final of the Copa del Rey in Zaragoza, which was the most beautiful, because we won in the last minute with a goal from Marcos.

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