The Iranian government insisted this Friday in a virtual meeting with the members of the 2015 nuclear agreement that to resume it, it first needs the United States to lift the sanctions it has placed on its country.

“The end of the US sanctions is the first step to revive the JCPOA (acronym in English of the pact),” underlined the Iranian deputy foreign minister and nuclear negotiator, Abas Araqchí , who led the Iranian delegation at the meeting.

The virtual meeting of the joint commission of the nuclear pact was chaired by the Assistant Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Enrique Mora , and was attended by representatives of China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Iran.

Araqchí reiterated that his country will stop the “compensatory nuclear measures”, alluding to the breach of its commitments in the agreement, “as soon as it verifies” that the sanctions are lifted, according to the Foreign Ministry statement.

“There is no need to negotiate the rejoining of the United States into the JCPOA, as the way for its is completely clear. Just as it exited the agreement and imposed illegal sanctions against Iran, now it can rejoin in the same way and stop violating the law, “he added.

The arrival of Democrat Joe Biden to the White House has given hope to the possibility of preserving the Iranian nuclear agreement , battered after the US withdrawal in 2018 under the mandate of Donald Trump and the consequent decision of Tehran to gradually stop complying with its obligations.

They reject direct conversations
In fact, at today’s meeting, the European Union, China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and Iran stressed the prospect of Washington returning to the pact and signaled their “willingness to address this positively in a joint effort “. The members of the pact will meet again next Tuesday in person in Vienna “to clearly identify the lifting of sanctions and nuclear enforcement measures,” the EU note said.

Iran has refused to hold direct talks with the US or for this country to participate in any of these meetings, so the negotiations are being carried out mainly through European partners.

In this regard, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Yavad Zarif, asserted on his official Twitter account that a meeting between his country and the United States is “unnecessary”.

According to Zarif, the goal of the next meeting is “the choreographed removal of all sanctions, followed by the cessation of corrective measures by Iran.”

Politico magazine advanced this week an alleged Washington proposal that requires Iran to suspend, for example, the use of advanced centrifuges and the production of 20% enriched uranium, in exchange for lifting some sanctions against the country. From Tehran, however, they pointed out that Iran will only stop the production of 20% enriched uranium if Washington removes “all sanctions” and not just part of them.

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