The Ana Rosa Program had this Monday Ana Terradillos as Quintana’s substitute at the politics and current affairs table of Telecinco’s morning space. The journalist has echoed the statements of Pablo Iglesias about the possible project of Yolanda Díaz to group all the left-wing parties in Spain.

“I think it is the best direction we have ever had, a female direction,” said the former leader of United We Can on the new first line of the formation. Iglesias also spoke about the project of the Vice President of the Government to create a front based on feminism and the Republic.

Inda estalla contra Iglesias en ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’
“Estoy convencido de que van a saber acompañar a Yolanda para construir el frente amplio, para seguir mejorando la vida de la gente en este país”, defendió Iglesias, que ha sido duramente criticado en Mediaset por Eduardo Inda. “Ha vuelto con esa voz de curilla que le gustaba. Su voz no es esa, su voz es bastante más dura y más macarra”, ha atizado.

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The polemicist assures that Iglesias is “the most savagely macho politician that there has been in Spain, surely since Francisco Franco.” “The most macho antecedent of Iglesias is Franco. Does he speak of feminism? That his sentimental partner is all day with equality when he has in his own house the most macho uncle that times have seen is simply crazy,” he declared indignant. “I have not seen a single criticism of this character from the point of view of his cave-like machismo ever,” he said.

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