María Teresa Campos does not win to disappointment. They say that she is downcast, sad and that those close to her are worried. Not even the sale of his case in Molino de la Hoz, in the northwest of the Community of Madrid, has returned his smile. And that has brought him great economic relief.

Edmundo Arrocet’s exclusivein which she spoke of her breakup, of her physical attacks every time she got angry and in which she gave birth to her daughters have been a great blow for her. She considers it a great tradition on the part of the one who was her boyfriend for six years and is not willing to let him pass even though Terelu has ‘forbidden’ her to sit on any set to give her version as has happened on other occasions.

To this has been added a new problem that does not let her sleep: she does not finish finding a house near her eldest daughter to go live. María Teresa wanted to settle in the same urbanization as Terelu, in Aravaca, but it will not be possible. The reason: they have vetoed it.

As Informalia is slipped in , the neighbors don’t want her there. Hence, the negotiations of a property, which had practically agreed, have been broken. “The neighbors do not want another Campos in the urbanization. They have had enough since Terelu was installed a few months ago, with journalists at the door,” they tell us.

“They do not feel comfortable and so they made it known to the owner of the apartment with which Teresa was negotiating, who was asked not to rent it to them.” And so it has been. The 80-year-old veteran journalist has found that the owner of the flat she had agreed to has backed down.

The downside is that on this occasion, the great communicator does not have all the time in the world to find something she likes. In the coming weeks, he will have to leave his chalet so that the new owner can come to live: José Gil, president of the footwear firm ‘Alma en pena’, which, according to what has been published, has signed a deposit contract of 100,000 euros.

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As things are, it is normal for María Teresa to be in a hurry and nervous. Her driver Gustavo is helping her with everything and a few days ago they visited several properties in the area that she likes and will soon have to decide. The African presenter, from Malaga by adoption, is not looking for anything. She wants a large apartment with a terrace and spacious enough to be able to live there with her two trusted employees. And, of course, with space to continue supporting her faithful Gustavo, whom she considers as a son.

Hence, a few days ago, when reporters asked her on the street about Edmundo’s words, María Teresa referred them to her driver. “It is he who has to speak who knows everything and lived it,” he said. Gustavo has been with his boss his whole life and was with her all the years that her romance with the comedian lasted.

So much so that it was he who took him and brought him to do ‘his errands’ and even, on occasions, Edmundo used him as an intermediary to resolve conflicts with Campos, such as the day he left. Come on, it has a lot to tell. And they say that it will?

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